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Although we have full-time jobs, we are excited to start our own farm and raise our two children in this beautiful place. Amy has worked in agriculture by way of farmers markets for the past decade, and Tom grew up on a large farm in Ohio and is now an engineering project manager. We met in college, where we both played fall sports. We reconnected in the DC area after undergrad, when Tom took a job in the Annapolis area – near where Amy grew up.

After years of shopping at farmers markets and many failed garden attempts, we now have chickens for eggs, the start of a small kitchen garden and plans for a much larger growing area. We have a small flock of sheep to help keep some of our pastures down, as well as two of our own horses and five horses that board with us. We also have one steer, who is very friendly and would love to nibble on your shirt.

We are constantly evaluating what will work best here, what we want to do, and what will work best for our family.